SMEAR! Vol I – released!

“Warped, very funny and terrifyingly well imagined.” – Rosie, artist.

“I downloaded your book, it keeps regurgitating on me. I enjoyed it immensely.” – Alethea, artist.


My dear fellow readers and bloggers,

SMEAR! VOL I - cover

I’m happy to announce that the first short story collection SMEAR! Vol I has been released on Amazon, and now also on Smashwords!

Here’s a description:

SMEAR! Vol I collects ten short stories by Crugi Smear, an independent London-based writer. These stories recount some of the events in the life of Roger Prandelli, a compassionate multi-faceted individual who confronts his own defeats with zany, dark humour, but never despair. The insanity of the modern world is presented with a fast narrative pace that is every bit as deranged and hilarious as a work by Bukowski or Vonnegut.


A big thank you to all the readers and bloggers who showed interest and left nice comments.

So far, it’s been a good journey!

Yours truly,

Crugi Smear

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– Angels

– The Emerald Vagina

– Socratic Dialogues

Please purchase the book if you liked the stories. And leave a comment!

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